Monday, May 20, 2013

Annaliza and Paul's Wedding

I feel like blogging a little about this couple's special day.
A lot was put into this very simple, on a budget but yet elegant wedding we put together.
There's a lot more work that goes into making a special day memorable than most people think. You don't really see it until the day comes together.

Often people will ask... how do you do it over and over again and you look exhausted the next day.

Yes we may look exhausted but there is a lot of fun and satisfaction when you focus on the part of the business that you're most passionate about.

The setting-up, the take-down and clean-up is work intensive but the results and the creativity during the process makes up for it. There's always a way to look at 'work' in a positive and satisfying way.

My little helper makes my work so light, fun and memorable :)
Hard work can be very interesting when you  put your clients and guest's needs before your own and you are eager to create an atmosphere that will make them feel at home.

As partners, we both have our strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps our greatest weakness together is trying to divide the creative work which we both love.
Fay took on the challenge of creating a massive candy-tree which we've been dying to make. She did an amazing job!!!

I worked on the hearts 

Worked on little details for dessert garden
enjoyed making fun little sweets garden signs

Perhaps the proper amount of food is also a key ingredient to a successful day. Just enough to fill their stomachs so they won't be able to get up from their seats hehe!
(we learned this tip very quickly from another party we catered where we ran out of food but quickly refilled.)

Our SWEETS Garden is always the center of the party! I have to say it's  always my favorite part of the event especially with our awesome new addition to the garden 'The Sweet Tree" which my partner and her hubby built. We will probably be building on it and I can guarantee it will be superlicious to the eyes.
Simple dessert layout but just right.

Mmmm those yummy treats....greatest motivators of the night :)

Of course lets not forget our Candy Jars :)
And another round of applause for the famous Sweet Tree!!!

So another event done and so we say.....there's no rush for the next one...yeah right! Lol!

Our main motivation isn't just in our passion to create. Our greatest joy really comes from the happy faces we create through our services and the memories they take home.
 So cheers to the newlywed couple Anna and Paul! Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and make this event memorable. God Bless you in your new journey together!

Rose and Fey
The Secret to our Garden's ingredient is L-O-V-E for what we do and the people we serve!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Testing blogger app

Hmmmm this would b great if this app is use friendly on my iPhone 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

A 65th Birthday Celebration with a touch of Garden :)

I LOOOOVE giving surprise parties!When I prepared for this event, right away I thought:..
GREEN! So Black and White with a touch of 'Green'!

Well I wasn't sure my idea would fly at first but when the evening was done and the decor came together, it was no doubt the right combination of colors to depict the person's life and character. It was probably one of my favorite colors to do. IT was also quite a simple event, simple decor for a very simple and humble lady.
I've known Ate Monic to be a gardener and I have lots of respect for gardeners.
Ate Monic has a 'green thumb' and i've always admired her for that. I wonder if my love for 'gardens' has been a subtle influence made by her over the years. Hmmm... the name Celebrations Garden is probably a cause and effect by her gardening over the years. 
Nonetheless, Ate Monic's influence on her family and friends have brought everyone of them to gather for this special occasion. Her 65th Surprise Bday Party. And it was quite a wonderful evening.

                             The Sweets Garden was so pretty in different hues of green.

The transformation of the place was quite interesting... I was expecting more but it was just subtle, simple and just right.

The best part was the anticipation  of Ate Monic reaction when she realizes that this party she was invited to was really for her and not some made up 16th Birthday party for a girl in the Salinggawi group. Lol!

We made it very apparent that this was her party as soon as she walked into the room with her name and bonbonnieres. 
And there she is below with her beautiful daughters all in tears because she was so surprised. She really had no clue that I believe she was even very upset with them hehe! 
But all her friends in her little celebration garden made her feel that it was okay!

Yes Ate Monic, it's okay that we can celebrate you! We appreciate you and love you! You deserve it with all that you do for everyone else!

So ya, with all the efforts put into the evening and lots of food is only a small token of appreciation for all the kindness and love this special celebrant has extended to her family and the community. 
Great entertainment throughout the evening and even a surprise dance number involving her hubby (my bro) lol it was too funny!

 Which one of these guys is my bro? I couldn't figure it out but i looked for the tallest and goofiest one in the bunch and sure enough he was the one in the middle heeheee. -Joke :)
But ya...speaking of entertainment, there I am shaking my big bootie in front of the group getting the crowd ready for the surprise dance to the song called SHHH!!! How appropriate :)

                                                                 Was she ever surprised!!!!
                                                              Happy Birthday Ate Monic!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our Candy BAR at the Marrions-Nous Expo!

 Nothing is more enticing than a pretty sight of sweets! The chocolate coated pretzels were delicious                             which stopped people in their tracks!

There's the booth of Analia Decor and Entertainment Stars with our little Candy Bar Corner. And there's Fey and Jordan giving me a hand for the day :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Jon and Cherie's Post Wedding Party

This was a special party because my oldest *adopted son* (one of Chris best buddies) Jonathan was getting married or 'already married' and I was very happy to create a little garden for them.
IT was a black and white theme with grey and blue. The colors for winter but hey... it works. I managed to pull through considering my partner was not available. I was also very much under the weather with the flu but I couldn't resist...i wanted to create and I wanted to get the job done for this important couple in my life.

          I totally loved making the paper flowers, it was so therapeutic and the highlight of this event for me!

  I was so dead after the decoration and preparations that my body just about gave up but the event was amazing, memorable yet short but very sweet!!!!

Such a gorgeous couple!

      Yummy Cupcakes and lots of sweets for this sweet and adorable couple. Congrats two both of them!